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What our clients say about our product
Massage Bamboo Costumer Massage Bamboo Costumer
Thank you this is  an amaizin experience now in my home
                        my wife give me incredible massages with bamboo....
We don't have words to express how we feel since we give our massages at our oun home, thanks to
                        tiki kit

The Massage bamboo tool kits are available
order now and treat yourself to a massage.
If you need any more information or any questions about
the sticks , Please contact us ,You are welcome anytime
The massage Bamboo was a wonderful expierience.
                       I wish I could have one every week.
Massage Bamboo Costumer Massage Bamboo Massage Bamboo Massage Bamboo Massage Bamboo Massage Bamboo
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About Us:

Massage Bamboo a hard working team, thriving and ecologically conscious company, while making conscious ecological decisions and participating in causes that help to strengthen the community.

Massage Bamboo offers the best value in Natural Bamboo Massage Sticks on the market today;to complement every style of massage and bodywork,Our extensive research has yielded products that are not only good for you and your clients, but are also good for the environment!

You can be confident that the products you purchase are in line with fair trade and fair labor practices. We encourage everyone to buy products that come from Natural, renewable and sustainable resources, and seek out manufacturers that believe as we do. Massage Bamboo is here to provide you with high quality Natural products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

Our Massage Bamboo is 100% natural
each pole is unique and will vary in size, shape,taper, and color. all pole are expected to be within +/- 20 % of the range diameter. Bamboo is a wood product and subject to cracking ,splitting ,and discoloration,none of which will affect its structural purpose.

My husband and I are thankful .
we are stress free.

The stars are the limit
when I pamper myself
with massage bamboo