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 Koi Kit
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Monty Kit
Price: $ 49.99

Strees Away Tool
Measurements:17" long x 2 1/2" diameter
Price: $ 42.00

Strees Away Tool
The Strees Away tool is designed to effectively treat the muscles close to the spine, sacrum and hips. This tool uses leverage to do the work; making techniques such as compressive effleurage and friction extremely easy to apply. The Strees Away tool helps you work smarter not harder.MB products are made to lesson strain and overuse of your hands, wrists and forearms.
The Strees Away tool can be used warm on bare skin or through clothing. This tool is an excellent tool for Chair Massage!
Size: approx. 17" length, 2 1/4 width
Slight variations in wood color (s) is a normal part of the Stress Away Tool. No all Stress Away Tool will be in a light wood color.
this does not affect it's functionality.
Strees Away tool is an elegant addition to any Spa or Salon that is looking for the highest quality in massage Relax and also at the comfort of your home.Due to the natural materials used, Sizes, Color and Texture will vary.100% solid Wood.
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Strees Away Tool

Strees Away Tool
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